FirmGuard Helps you solve the complexities of Information Security in a language that you understand

FirmGuard was founded by a team of IT and InfoSec professionals in preparation for changes in both the current threat landscape and regulatory environment. Our risk experts execute appropriate assessment activity to develop your organisation’s risk management strategies and prepare you for the unknown.

No longer is InfoSec a “nice to have” and a “tick in the box”.  Managing your Information Security offers you a safeguard to demonstrate your ability to understand the complexities of information security and managing your company's most valuable asset: data & information

By Engaging FirmGuard

You will be able to demonstrate to your Customers, Executives,  Board, and Regulatory Authorities that you take the security of information you hold seriously and, having identified the risks, done as much as is reasonably possible to address them


Our customers love how we take a proactive and ongoing management approach towards information security compliance. Helping them with continual compliance and a commitment to the best information security management standards means avoiding penalties that may result otherwise.